Frequently Asked Questions


Using our tool


Are there front door options?

There are many options for front doors. When your plan is designed, you can sit with one of our consultants and make your choices from there. 

Are there internal door hardware options?

There are many options for internal door hardware. When your plan is designed, you can sit with one of our consultants and make your choices from there. 

What if my area doesn't show on the map? 

If the area you are looking at building in does not show up, or there is no franchisee in your area, please contact us and we will see how we can help.

Why do I need to select a Zone? 

Clicking on the right zone for your project is important, as it determines the right cartage amount for products to your site.

I want to build a home over 300sqm, how do I select my build size? 

For homes over 300sqm, please contact us for custom designs. When building homes 300+ we like to sit with you, to discuss and understand all of your needs fully. Please contact your local franchise for an appointment. 

Why aren’t the plans in a size order?

By numbering our plans numerically it’s easy for you to come back to them when making changes using our online tool.

Help, I can't find any plans that fit my site.

More often than not, this is due to the shape of your section. Contact us to discuss how we can find a solution for you. 

Can these plans be modified?

Absolutely. One thing that sets us apart is the power you have to make a number of changes to plans using our online tool. As well as making choices on your property’s orientation on its section and the internal materials that are used, you can choose which appliances and fittings are installed as well. For major changes like extra rooms or larger garages, however, be sure to contact us.


Working with us


Do you offer fixed-price contracts? Are there hidden costs?

Our fixed price builds ensure there are no cost increases of any kind unless you choose to upgrade something after signing. These kinds of modifications are completely up to, so yes, what you see is what you get. It pays to note however, our costs do not include drapes, curtains or landscaping which is standard across most home building companies. For more detail be sure to check out our terms and conditions.

Does the build price include service connections?

Yes, we allow for all services and connections when quoting builds.




Are thermally broken windows worthwhile?

It depends what you’re wanting them for. Thermally broken window frames reduce moisture collecting on window frames and make it easier to maintain internal temperature, keeping outside noise from entering your home as well. However, if you want to reduce moisture in your home in general as many of our customers do, good rangehoods, drying washing outside, and getting decent fans in areas like bathrooms can all help. 

Is Low E glass worthwhile?

In our opinion – yes. Low E (low emissivity) glass has a microscopic coating that reflects fabric-damaging UV light and heat from Infrared light, making it a good option for large windows and doors. Using Low E glass also improves the R rating of your home as they retain heat better than single glazed options.

What are PC sums?

In your contract you will find ‘predicted cost’ sums for things like your kitchen, council consent and appliances. Because we can’t lock-in or provide exact costs at the time you sign, we are as realistic as possible and make allowances that let you control how much you’re willing to spend. This gives you the ability to increase or reduce these allowances to suit your needs and budget.

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