Before you begin design and build

Things to consider before you begin

So you want to design and build your own home, but have you thought about what you want in your dream home? The following are some things to consider before you begin designing. if you haven't already, also check out how the process works.

Design Tips

Good design comes with advantages, so think about how you'll use your home and the materials you want to use. You want a home that not only looks great, but is comfortable and convenient to live in to, so before you embark on the design and building, take a moment to consider the following:


Before you design and build, you need to decide where you want to live. The price of land will affect your building budget. How far from work, school, family and friends are you willing to live Make a list of all the facilities that you need to have access to, such as schools, shopping and public transport, and check the list against each location you're interested in. Consider the shape of the land you need. Do you want a big backyard? Think about the rates in your particular area as well.


Good use of space within the home and section is important for function and style. Think about the size of your home and how it will fit on your section.

Living Areas

Think about how you'll use your living areas. If you entertain regularly, you may want to consider adding extra living spaces both indoors and outdoors, or if you have children, you may like a separate space for them to hang out.


How many do you need and do you want a separate toilet? Heated towel racks are a luxury, but they improve your life. Is under-floor heating a negotiable, and is a shower sufficient, or do you want a bath? Consider how spacious you want the bathroom(s) to be.


Is the kitchen where the party is at in your dream home, or will it serve more of a late-night snack space? Think about how much cupboard space you want and whether to install a gas stove. If you are building a family home, a pantry is a good idea, and if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, consider choosing an industrial kitchen to get the most out of space. And what about the lighting? Do you want downlights, or perhaps pendant lights?


Think about how many bedrooms you need now and in the future. How big should they be? The placement of the bedrooms in the house is an important consideration, as are storage and lighting. Hot tip: Make sure you place a light switch by the bed, so you can turn out the lights without having to get up.

Practical Provisions

As well as external aesthetic considerations like cladding, roof shape and garaging, consider making practical provisions for energy efficiency, heating, on-going maintenance and weather proofing too.


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