Terms and conditions

On Line Design & Build Limited

We/I acknowledge that we/I have read the T&C's on these pages and by proceeding have agreed these terms apply.

  1. The materials specified are presently believed to be available. If for any reason any of the materials are not available, or not reasonably procurable, they may be substituted for/by material of similar quality and nature, with any difference in the cost of such substituted materials to be treated as an extra or deduction from the contract price. No guarantee is given of availability.
  2. The prices stipulated are valid for a period of 4 weeks from the date of quotation.
  3. We have the financial ability to pay for the completion of the work.
  4. The price specified may be subject to variation in the event that the territorial authority as a condition of the granting of building consent or other permission, requires alterations to the plans and/or specifications or to the works, in which event the price is subject to variation for any additional work required.
  5. The prices are on the assumption that the land to be built on is flat land of a soil type of TC1. In the event that the land is TC2, TC3 or hill land, or there are issues of fill, compaction or any other issues, with consequent increase in building cost variations to allow for this can occur.
  6. On Line Design & Build Limited ("Online") is a facilitator. To allow for variables, On Line will arrange for you to meet with a builder for a building contract to be entered into between that builder and you. The variables will be taken into account in that building contract and it is acknowledged that this is not a contract between On Line and you and the work will not be carried by On Line and no contractual representation of any nature are made by it to you.
  7. For the purposes of such a building contract being put in place you will consent to a credit report or credit rating being obtained to ensure that funds for the building will be available.
  8. You agree to pay a deposit of $2,000.00 to be held by On Line as trustee for the builder in relation to the contract to be entered into between you and the builder.
  9. It is acknowledged that in the event that there cannot be a performance of the work due to courses beyond anyone's reasonable control, including but without limiting the generality, prohibition or restrictions on importing; refusal to issue import licences; Government direction; statute; lock out; refusal to load, unload or handle goods; labour disputes; fire, flood, typhoon, tidal wave, landslide, lightning, earthquake, explosion, act of God; ware; riot or civil commotion then the parties will not be liable to proceed.
  10. As there is to be a contractual relationship put in place between the builder and you, no warranty is given that the land on which you wish to build is suitable for the envisaged house to be built or that the design in question will fit that land.
  11. The cost estimates do not include cost of landscaping.
  12. The photos are artist impressions and indicative only.
  13. The prices do not include drapes and curtains.
  14. All pricing includes GST.
  15. All home renders are an artist impression only. If you require a specific look, please contact your local branch.
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