Where Is the best place to build?


They say when selling a house, it all boils down to “location, location, location”. But what about when building one? Should it be a major factor? Yes, because where you build doesn’t just play a part in your overall costs, it plays a major role in your lifestyle.

Where is best?

The options for where you can build are vast and many, and these days just about anywhere is possible, from the city to the sea and everywhere in between. What’s considered “best” then really depends on you. Let’s look at the options… 


For a lot of us, living in the city has many benefits for its connections to public transport, shopping malls, school and work. Land can be pricier, harder to come by, but you save on travel, score convenience and if you ever sell, can stand to make a good capital gain as cities are always popular places to live.

We have a range of plans perfect for city sections, from 2-bedroom homes perfect for professional couples, to 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom homes ideal for families. Plans up to 240 sqm will give you a good balance of living and outdoor space for an average city section.


With hills comes views, which is why hillside properties are attractive to those who love a good, unblocked vista, and don’t mind having a sloping section and inclined driveway to get it.

Hillside properties can be more complicated than building on flat land and often need more structural consents to get off the ground, however, for most, the payoff is worth it, with hillside properties less likely to share space with commercial developments and therefore offering more exclusivity.


There is something about being near the sea that makes people feel relaxed and happy, so imagine what living beside it would be like. Whether you love swimming or surfing or just enjoy walking barefoot on the sand, living by the beach is a lot of people’s dream for good reason. 

Like hillside building, it can come with more land preparation and remediation, and you need to think about the longevity of materials exposed to sea spray and wind, however, you’ll soon forget about all the work involved when you wake up to the sound of the waves crashing from your new bedroom.


Like the sea, country living invokes warm notions of a simpler, happier lifestyle. Lifestyle blocks are increasingly popular and in areas like Selwyn, new subdivisions are being developed frequently, offering more and more opportunities to nab a slice of rural paradise.

Rural sections usually come larger than city sections, allowing bigger homes to be built, and while a rural lifestyle is often more isolated and therefore further from facilities like schools, for a lot of people that’s part of the appeal. 

If you’re interested in a rural property, we have a number of house and land packages available now in Lincoln.

Where should I choose?

To figure out where is best for you we recommend weighing up both the practical and aspirational considerations. For example, you might love the idea of living on a lifestyle block in the country, but if you work in the city, you’ll need to think about how the commute could affect you. Conversely, buying land near your children’s school might be convenient Monday to Friday, but could mean trading in those seaside views you’ve always dreamed of.

Make a list of the pros and cons of your favourite locations, look at costs, availability, facilities, and even council rates and go from there. We can help you too, so get in touch.

Published:  28 February 2018
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