Sustainable additions to consider with your build

Couple in sustainable house

Living in a sustainable home is not only better for the environment and your wallet but done properly it’s great for your health and lifestyle too. Here are a few things you should consider when you’re planning your home. 

Insulation and double-glazed windows

Required by law in any new property, double-glazed windows do a great job at lowering heating costs by retaining inside warmth. Upgrading to triple-glazed will add another layer of protection, but as the required joinery does cost more, thermal curtains are an effective way you can help retain heat should you choose to stick with double-glazed.

Insulation is also a requirement, but consider increasing the scale and quality above what is required for your region if your budget allows it. These options are available on any of our builds and you’ll be able to save on power because your heating system won’t have to work as hard.

Use the sun

This one is more for those who haven’t laid foundations but designing your property to make the best use of the sun is a great sustainable way to save on heating. Positioning your living spaces and bedrooms to get the sun at its strongest will help warm up your rooms year-round. This is possible with any of our builds, even our house and land packages where you can alter the position of the property on the site.

Think about adding window overhangs too. They’ll help shade your rooms from the sun in summer when it’s higher in the sky but will warm them up when it sits lower in winter. And by landscaping with shade and protection from wind in mind, you’ll have a great looking solution that’s great for the environment. 

Another consideration is a solar hot water heating system, designed to take the sun’s heat and transfer it to your hot water cylinder. Most building groups provide options for solar these days, and our tool allows you to choose solar hot water at the interior options stage. To make the most of one of these systems it’s important to have the right sized panels and cylinder installed, and we can help with this. 

Use eco-friendly products

When you can start thinking about fitting out your home, it’s worth making sure your appliances and fittings are as efficient as possible. Eco-friendly light bulbs and skylights are great options that save on power, and in the case of eco-bulbs, they can last longer than their predecessors. Using low-flow fittings and showerheads that restrict the flow of water are great at keeping water costs to a minimum. And it’s easy to compare the efficiency of appliances like dishwashers and driers that carry an energy star rating.

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