How much do you know about house and land packages?

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What you should know about house and land packages

House and land packages are a great way for families to get on the property ladder with their first home. Not only do you get a brand-new house on a section that it’s designed to fit, but you’ll be moving into a neighbourhood planned by developers with your family’s needs in mind. And because the entire process is usually managed by one company, everyone you deal with is on the same team with your dream home in mind. Let’s have a look at the other ways a house and land package could work for you.

Lower deposit

For first home buyers, it’s possible to get a mortgage for less than the typical 20% deposit required because loans to people building new residences are exempt from the Reserve Bank’s Loan-to-Value (LVR) Restrictions. With a lower deposit, you’re able to save and use those funds as you want, but you still end up with a brand-new house. Win, win. 

Suburban planning

Most house and land packages come as part of large urban developments, adding to an existing suburb or becoming new ones themselves. The advantage of this is that these suburbs are designed with the wants and needs of the families that will be living there in mind. Schools, parks, shopping areas and connections to existing roads and public transport systems are all carefully considered so that when people move in they become part of a community – not just a block of people with the same postcode.

Everything is new

Whether it’s a house and land package or not, everything from the fittings to the carpet to the kitchen sink is all new when you start from scratch. For developers, this can be a major drawcard for tenants, and for homeowners and especially families this provides peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing all the fittings have been installed to the standard of modern regulations, and your house will be far warmer and drier than older homes with new insulation in the walls and ceiling.

Keep it simple

If you’ve ever built before or even had to do a renovation or repair involving multiple tradesmen, you’ll know how stressful it can be to coordinate a number of moving parts. Throw in a couple of real-estate agents to negotiate the purchase of land and it can all become a bit much. When you choose to build from a house and land package, everything is dealt with through one company – like us. Working with our team, you can see the plans and make amendments before work begins on the section. And then once building is underway we’re there with you at every step. 

If the idea of a house and land package excites you, check out our current packages or if you’ve already got a section and like the idea of putting your own twist on some of our existing designs start building online and have a go for yourself.

Published:  27 July 2018
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