Designing your home: Achieving style and functionality

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Coined by American architect Louis Sullivan, the phrase that “form ever follows function” has become a rule upheld by architects and designers alike. The idea that anything in a space should serve some kind of purpose makes sense because there’s no point in having something that looks amazing if it’s not useful, right? Using our online tool, you’re able to customise the materials and finishes of different rooms, so let’s take a look at a few ways you can achieve the style or form, you’re after while maintaining functionality throughout.


When it comes to the heart of your home, it’s important to try and get it right first time. Because no two families are the same, with each of our kitchen options we provide a designer to talk you through your options. Regardless of your budget, consider how you’re going to use it and what you’re going to need on a day-to-day basis. If you like entertaining then making room for an extra oven or dish drawer makes sense, but with the storage space that takes up, it might be worth installing an island to get some back.


Making decisions on flooring throughout bedrooms, bathrooms and living spaces will not only impact on how your home looks but how easy it is to clean and hold up to wear and tear. We offer a range of carpets that stand up to the demands of growing kids, and you can choose from hardwearing and easy to clean vinyl in living spaces as well as timber flooring or tiles if you’d prefer.


When it comes to cladding, we offer weatherboard, and brick and mortar options. While your budget will dictate the choice between brick or mortar and Linea weatherboard, both are installed to protect your home from the elements. Weatherboard takes less space than brick and is a great modern option worth considering if you plan on selling eventually, however bricks might offer the traditional look you’re after.

Exterior doors

Depending on the size of your home and where it’s positioned on your section, choosing between sliding doors and French or bifolds will have a big impact on the amount of airflow you allow. Sliding doors are limited by the frames they sit in, so if you plan to have them open wide in summer this is worth thinking about. Bifold doors, on the other hand, let you decide how much indoor-outdoor flow you want and extend right to the edge of your joinery. While we offer these modifications on all our builds, you also have the option to add or remove rooms and work with us to design a true representation of your lifestyle. Contact us to discuss your options and let us help you build your dream home.

Published:  24 September 2018
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