Designing a home with your kids in mind

Designing a home with kids in mind4

Creating the spaces your family needs to grow is no small task, but it shouldn’t be a chore either. It’s an opportunity for you to think about how your family will grow, how you want them to enjoy the place that they call home and how you can get the space that you need as well. So, whether you’re looking at upsizing to something on the market or considering a new build, here’s a few things to look out for.

Check the floor plan

When you’re walking through an open home it’s easy to think about how the space might work, but when it comes to designing from scratch it can be a little tricky to think about how your family will eventually ‘live’ in your new home. Things like the location of bedrooms and the distance from them to bathrooms, for example, is important because as kids grow they’ll become more independent. 

If your room is between theirs and the bathroom it could result in a lot of unwanted traffic, but this is when ensuite bathrooms can become a high priority. Having your own space to get ready in can make a huge difference – especially when it’s all go on busy mornings.

Choose hard-wearing materials

Combining style and function is essential when you have growing kids because carpet can stain, fabric can tear and things can break for unexplainable reasons. Homes with hardwood or panel floors can stand up to most stains which can be removed relatively easily. But, if the homes you’re looking at are carpeted, find out what they’re made from so that replacing sections, if anything was to happen, won’t break the bank.

Plan for the future

When it comes to creating a space that your kids will love to call their own, it’s important to remember that in a few years, or even a few months, their interests can completely change. Where Spiderman was the best thing ever one day, it could be Fortnite the next. Even that favourite shade of blue you painted their wall with may not be their favourite down the track either. By choosing things you can keep up to date as they grow, you’re ensuring they’ll love it forever. 

Decisions like outdoor spaces are just as, if not more important; because even if you live near a park or a large green space you might like the idea of your kids having their friends over, or even hosting their birthday’s at home. Designing your home so that outdoor spaces are in view of areas like the kitchen or the living room means you’re able to keep an eye on things without being in the way and it means your children can safely play outside as well.

Practice makes perfect

If you’re thinking about designing the home your family needs to grow in, or even if you’re simply unsure of what kind of home you need, our online design tool allows you to view dozens of house plans that can be customised to your family’s exact needs. You can make decisions on everything from the way it sits on the section to the materials and finishes used to build it, and it can all be done from the comfort of your own couch.

Published:  29 March 2019
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