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When it comes to designing and building dream homes, our team are the experts. Here we share our tips, tricks and advice. 


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Top tips for moving into a new home

With your new home almost finished, it’s time to get excited for move in day. Getting the essentials sorted can start right now, and we’ve taken the time to list a few of them for you.

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Where should I invest my budget? Building a home that has everything you need

Given the chance, building your own home is an amazing opportunity to realise your ideal lifestyle. It gives you the ability to create a place that fulfils the needs of you and your family. But in order to get everything right, it’s essential to budget everything from the outset.
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5 questions to ask when downsizing homes

For most homeowners, there comes a time when downsizing just makes sense. There are a few things to bear in mind when it comes to preparing yourself for less space than you’re used to. So, to get the ball rolling, we’ve identified five essential questions to consider when downsizing.
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Financing options for your first home

When it comes to your finance options, regardless of whether you’re planning to buy or build there are a few ways to realise your goal of home ownership. It pays to do your research, but with that in mind, we’ve taken some time to put together a few options for you.
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Designing a home with kids in mind3

Designing a home with your kids in mind

If your family needs more space to grow and you’re not sure whether to buy or build, take a look at these tips to help figure out your options.
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Questions To Consider When Upsizing Your Home

Is your home feeling a little small? It might be time to think about finding somewhere bigger. Here are a few things to consider when it comes to upsizing.
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Your First Home. To Buy or Build?

Each come with pros and cons, but three of the most important considerations are convenience, cost and customisation. Let’s take a look at each and how they stack up.
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Building a home for all seasons

From very cold winters to hot summers, New Zealand’s climate has its extremes. Is it possible to build a home that provides comfort and energy efficiency no matter the season? Find out here!
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Building a house step by step

Even though everyone’s home building journey is unique, there are some key steps you can expect to go through when building a house. Here’s a basic overview to help you prepare for the journey. Getting finance Get a pre-approved mortgage so you know what budget you have. To get this you will nee'...'
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Building to a budget

We understand that building your first home is a big deal. In fact, a home is most likely the single biggest purchase you’ll ever make, and so it’s important that if you’re working to a budget, you stick to it. Here we’ve put together some tips to help you: Understand the effect of upgrades:'...'
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Choosing the right section to build on

Making the decision to build is the first step towards your dream home. Here are some things you should consider when looking for your new section.
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Designing your home: Achieving style and functionality

When designing a new home it's crucial to achieve both style and functionality. So here are a few important things you should consider.
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Building a house in New Zealand

How To Build a House in New Zealand: A Three Stage Guide

By breaking the process into three stages it’s possible to see where you stand, what you’ll need to consider and what you can expect if you decide to build.
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What you should know about house and land packages

House and land packages can be a great step on to the property ladder with the bonus of a brand new home. We take a look at the perks that come with taking advantage of a streamlined build.
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How to choose the right house plan

Before you get underway with your build, it’s important to make sure the design and layout of your floor plan will work for you, your family and any future homeowners. By planning to your section and the future of your family in mind, you can be sure that your new home will be a seamless extension of your lifestyle.
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Make the most of your show home visit

With so many things to potentially be on the lookout for, here’s our list of tips and things to help you get the most out of your showhome visit.
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Navigating Pre-building Hurdles

Navigating Pre-building Hurdles

Proper planning and preparation for a build is incredibly important. So let's look at the steps you need to take before getting your build underway.
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Stay calm & keep building

Building your dream home is a rewarding project…but as with any big undertaking in life, there are times in the process that will be scary, frustrating and challenging. To help make things as easy and enjoyable as possible use these tips to help prepare yourself for an exciting adventure into home building.
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Sustainable additions to consider with your build

Whether you’re planning to build or are already underway, there are a number of ways you can make your home sustainable and cheaper to live in.
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The 5 best investments when planning your new build

The 5 Best investments When Planning Your New Build

Here are 5 key ways that any new build can be given the greatest chance at success. Investing time and money before work begins will not only provide peace of mind when construction commences, but it gives you every opportunity to ensure a successful project.
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The best time to build

On average it can take 4-6 months to fully complete a house so your build will likely happen across several seasons. So when’s the best time to start building? And are any seasons off limits?
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What to look for in a builder

Building a new home presents a number of choices, none so more important than choosing your builder. With your money and dreams on the line, it’s crucial you choose a builder you can trust. To help you, we've put together a list of key things to consider when choosing your builder: Ask around: Ten'...'
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Where is the best place to build?

They say when selling a house, it all boils down to “location, location, location”. But what about when building one? Should it be a major factor? Yes, because where you build doesn’t just play a part in your overall costs, it plays a major role in your lifestyle.
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Where to start when designing your home

You’ve weighed up the pros and cons of buying existing vs building new and decided on the latter. Now what? Where do you start when designing a new home? To get the ball rolling, here are some of the first things you need to think about or do.
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